Friday, July 1, 2011

               NFS 2 SE

NFS 2 SE (WHAT IS NEW IN IT?)                                    

In NFS2 or NFS2 SE, the emphasise shifts to faster and  more expensive cars,racing on closed race tracks around the world that funnily enough have civilian traffic that endlessly go round and round the same route. You aren’t the bad guy this time, because there are no cops that want to give you tickets......!!!

The Positives:
-3 extra cars: Ferrari 355F1, Ford Mustang Mach 3 and ItalDesign Nazca C2.
-3 new bonus cars to unlock in tournament.
-1 extra track, the Last Resort.
-Each car has its own set of colours, even black which was unavailable in NFS2.
-Some new cheat codes.
-An extra racing style, Wild.
-Able to drive tracks backwards and mirrored
-Personal statistics.
-Slightly improved graphics in software mode.
-3dfx Support. (more info about that below)
-A black McLaren!
-Maybe a few other things, but they ain’t that important